Monday, December 11, 2006
Further Evidence That I Live A Charmed Life.
I'm trying to remember at what point it became obvious that it was really MY NIGHT last night.

When we got in the car and the radio was playing Heat of the Moment by Asia? (No seriously. What are the odds, really?)

No, earlier, when Nick convinced me that it was perfectly ok that I couldn't find my makeup case, that I looked beautiful without, better even? Or then three minutes later I found my makeup case?

Or when Nick made us a smidge late because he thought I looked so pretty in my dress (red polka dots, if you were wondering) that he had to muss me up a bit with kisses?

At any rate, last night's office Christmas party rocked.

We happened to be standing next to the buffet when they announced dinner, so no wait! Yay!
A coworker brought my old high school buddy Jess as his date!
I won this camera and printer in the raffle! And then I won Employee of the Month!
And I got to dance with AND go home with the cutest boy there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And no pictures?!

Blogger said...

Yeah! I second Colleen!

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

Nick was busy kissing me, and I didn't get my new camera until this morning.

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