Tuesday, December 19, 2006
And I DID get a camera.
My Boss - "See this step? I think we need to fix this step. [The CEO] tripped over it this morning."

Supply Chain Manager - "Do people trip over it a lot?"

Sarah Smile - "He's not even the only one to trip over it this morning."

My Boss - "I bet everyone has."

Sarah Smile - "Yeah, everyone who works here has at some point or another. If I could record it...."

My Boss - ".... It would make a great holiday party video."


My Boss - "So thats it then. We won't fix it, we'll get a camera instead."

Sarah Smile - "Yeah, maybe we'll fix it in 2008."

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Anonymous Col said...

Isn't that why they let you 'win' that camera?

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

That might very well be it.

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