Thursday, March 22, 2007
And now I'm afraid of them.
Sarah Smile - "Hey, you wanna join Nick and I and some of his coworkers for drinks after work at On The Border?"

Coworker M - "Sounds great, actually, but [Coworker J] and I just started a new diet."

Sarah Smile - "Oh. You don't think there's something there you could eat?"

Coworker M - "Well, no, see, the diet is just for ten days we don't eat anything and only drink lemonade."

Sarah Smile - "Damn."

Coworker M - "Yeah."

Sarah Smile - "Do you know what kind of a person I'd be if I hadn't eaten in ten days? I'd be answering the phone with, 'I hate you, you fuckwad, I hope you die. Painfully. And then I'll eat you.'"

Coworker M - "I'm getting there."

Sarah Smile - "What day are you on?"

Coworker M - "Day one."

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Blogger Colleen said...

That sounds frightening. Guess they could have a Mike's Hard Lemonade....

Anonymous norma said...

I tried that diet once. It's actually not technically a diet, it's a "cleanse" but it requires you to drink lots of green tea to help you poop. Yuck.

Anyways, I lasted three days. When my kids ran away from home and my husband served me with divorce papers I decided to stop. I immediately reached for, and ate five whole loaves of bread. All was better!

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

Colsy - Booze on an empty stomach? That would have been interesting.

Norma, dear, why would DO something like that to yourself? Glad to hear it's over now.

Anonymous norma said...

Ok don't laugh, but a group of friends (older ladies) were doing it. It's a yearly ritual for them. For health reasons. And it sounded like fun.

Actually, go ahead and laugh. I don't even remember what part of it sounded FUN. Lord help me!

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