Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Colsy and I were talking about which of the five senses we would be willing to give up, if we had to give up one.
She said taste, because then she could fill up on healthy stuff and not be tempted by junk food.

I chose smell. I figure losing taste or smell wouldn't be quite the disability that losing sight, sound or touch would be, and I love food so I cherish my sense of taste.

It wouldn't be hard to function as a human without a sense of smell. I don't need to identify my children or mates out of a crowd with my nose. Might be harder to pick ripe produce, but I don't need to track down a animal with it, to eat. We don't have as good a sense of smell as most animals. I figured a human really doesn't need a sense of smell.

All of which isn't to say I wouldn't miss my sense of smell, but rather it got me thinking.
About what smells I would miss.
And oddly, it's not the things like flowers or the ocean or steak that leap to mind.
Rather it's very subtle scents, like my Mau-cat's neck, Bunny's house, or Nick's chest.
And then I thought about how much I would miss those.
So I don't know, maybe I'll change my mind and pick another sense, if I had to lose one.

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Blogger miss kendra said...

but you know that your sense of taste changes if you have no sense of smell!

they're intricately connected!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was just going to say what mk just said.

i'd rather give up my sense of fashion.

Anonymous Col said...

Some say their sixth sense, but I use mine too much to keep me out of trouble. ;)

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

Yeah, I know about the taste and smell connection, but it's all in theory anyway.

I have no sense of fashion to lose. I have lovely taste in furnishings, but when it comes to my own body, I freely admit I have no taste. I wear fabrics on myself that I would never dream of sullying a wall or sofa with.

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