Monday, March 12, 2007
Within a couple of blocks.
I have this theory that there is far more fascinating things within a few blocks of one's house than one realizes, until you walk around it on foot.

Driving doesn't count.

You're never going to find flowers growing through cracks in the sidewalk while you're driving.

You're not going to talk to the fat old dog who seems so anxious to prove that he's still tough and intimidating that you reassure him that you'd never come in his yard, mostly just to soothe his feelings.

You're not as likely to wander down a sidestreet, following a yard sale sign on a whim, and finding a pair of gold(ish) elf slippers, which fit perfectly, for a mere $0.50.

Or to notice that plastic duck statues in the neighbor's yard are the size of labradors.

Or make the aquintaince of a nonsensical little blue that sprawls over the side of a hill with no rhyme or reason, just like houses in your dreams.

Or that half of the oranges on a neighbor's tree are plastic. What exactly are they trying to do? Show off?

Or that Luca is always happy when he recognizes home, but seems entirely turned around and confused that you're approaching the house from a different direction that whence you left. "How did the house get over HERE?"

What's within a couple blocks of your house?

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Anonymous norma said...

My mom's neighbors used to raise fighting roosters. And they'd have a cock fight every Saturday. Loud music, tons of men, bbq galore, beer ah-flowing.. and leftovers for days for my mom, compliments of the lady of the house. Until they got busted for that, and weapon's charges. Other than that... let's see..

My neighbor accross the street is a crack head who beats his wife. The one two doors down is a preacher whom must grow most of his food in his back yard because he's got all kinds of goodies back there from corn (yeah.. hahah CORN) and tomatos, etc.

The lady down the street has the most beautiful roses. I always think about stealing a bouquet full but chicken out each time. She'd never miss them, I'm sure of it.

But.... I always remember the time I stole a strawberry off my neighbor's garden as a kid and he came to my house with a basket full (he must have seen me) and said next time all I had to do was ask.

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

Wow. Norma, I totally wanna come over some summer night and sit on your porch and drink iced tea or maybe a cold beer and just ......... watch.

Anonymous norma said...

If you think you can handle the hood... I say come on over! I'll gladly have you over!

We'll sit and drink Colt 45 or Keystone out of a paper bag and enjoy the drug deals and the sunset! :)

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

And then you can come over here and we can watch the rednecks chase each other with guns. It's been getting great reviews from my friends.

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