Wednesday, March 14, 2007
There is nothing on TV that we can't find a way to criticize. It's a gift.
TV - ".... The movie 300 is being hailed by critics as more groundbreaking than The Matrix...."

My Nick - *deadpan* "What an endorsement."

Sarah Smile - "Of course by 'groundbreaking,' they must mean, 'totally gay'."

I don't really have anything against the movie, for all I know it might be very watchable, it's just that I can't escape the feeling that I've seen it before *cough*AlexanderTroyGladiator*cough* so groundbreaking is exactly what it DOESN'T seem to be to me. And The Matrix was just a new brand of boring, convoluted and heavy-handed in it's "meaning." Unless you happened to like it. In which case, yay, glad it brought you some joy and didn't leave you feeling robbed of your time.

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Blogger miss kendra said...

they don't mean the stories of either one... they mean the way in which the movie was created.

the matrix revolutioniezed FX, and created a whole new style of movie making. 300 allegedly (haven't seen it yet) does the same- i've heard it's like being inside a graphic novel.

Anonymous norma said...

My hubby says it showed way more nudity than Troy.

So I got excited and wanted to watch it ASAP (Troy showed Brad Pitt's deliciously hard and sexy ass)... yummy!

But then he said, Yeah, a lot of boobies.
ummm never mind. Not as excited anymore.

and yes... he used the word "boobies"

Although....any movie that upsets people because of the way it depicts their ancient culture (who have been dead for years and years and years... hence the word ANCIENT) has got to be a decent film, right?

Hey... I don't get upset when they depict the Aztecs as heartless cannibals. That doesn't define who I am.

No, really, it doesn't. I barely like meat. I'm almost vegeterian. No reason to be afraid of me, I swear....

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

MK - Thanks for letting me know. I recognize it's bad form to criticize things you don't understand. So I'll revise my statement to, "It's groundbreaking in ways that I can't even pretend to care about, but that other people do care about, so yay for them, I'll be over here playing with my puppy."

Norma - I enjoyed Troy. It was interesting. It had lots of pretty men in it. I must confess to being more partial to Eric Bana in that film. I'm also a fan of the word boobies. Boobies themselves don't do much for me, but the word is delicious. BOOBIES. Hee.
Yeah, that controversy kinda silly. I mean, carry that arguement to the end and there can be no bad guys in movies anymore. You're not a cannibal, and I didn't kill Christ. Some people are just looking for a reason to get riled up.

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