Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I'm gonna check this place out before I go.
A man just came in and gave me a stack of these.

This isn't going to be like the free mammogram van at the mall, is it?



Anonymous norma said...

Hey you changed your about me under your black and white picture! cool!

about the coupon... I'm sure it's legit... they do those at the fair all the time. Just be ready for an hour freaken presentation (like those Time share ones...) and just say do not want to sign up for five years of chiropractic care for that leg that is slightly shorter than the other......

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

I think I could be talked into ANYTHING during a massage. How do you think I lost my virginity? (kidding)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came here to say something and I was already laughing because of the post, so I wanted to respond to the funny, then I read your comment and I lost it.

I have no clue what I was gonna say. I can't stop giggling.

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

Hee. That's my favorite reaction!

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