Friday, December 15, 2006
It's A Long Story, But We're Moving. AGAIN.
The short version is that they're building a freeway through our place. Seriously. Right through it.

I hate moving. I know I've mentioned it before, how it rips my soul from it's moors and bruises the very spirit of my fingers. I'm morally opposed to carrying heavy things. And I hate the disruption of new addresses and stuff in boxes.

But that said, I really like our new place. It's a "granny flat" house behind a main house. Another couple is renting the front house, and they're very friendly and fun. They have two dogs, so Luca will have buddies! The yard is huge and the bedroom has skylights.
And get this. We'll have a whirlpool tub.
This thrills my little heart, right down to the ventricles.

And so while I DREAD the idea of moving AGAIN, I'll be glad once it's done. And that new freeway over our flying caravan, it'll cut our commute from the new place down.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a good way to look at it :)!

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

Thanks, I HAVE to keep a good attitude or I'll be totally overwhelmed.

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