Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Sven Tagged Me
10 years ago: I was in my sophmore year of high school. I remember getting the part of Queenie in the school play, cutting off my waist length hair to a chin length bob, wearing white knee-high socks with short skirts, Bryon Albertson trying to kiss me (all year, unsucessfully), spending weekends at Katie's house, being the sort of overachiever dork that took AP US History under the guise of spending time studying with my brother but really it was so that I could show off and get a better grade then him, and writing endless letters to all my penpals (average letter -12 pages, front and back), learning to play poker from my posse of badass senior friends that took me into their group even though I wore a teddy bear backpack and did all my homework, and telling my friend Ryan that the days that Roger was gone for golf tournaments were the worst days ever, never dreaming he would die the following summer and I'd have to get used to a lifetime of those days.

5 years ago: I was 19 and working as a telemarketer. I sold "travel club memberships" that were really just a pack of coupons, adult videos, diet pills and binoculars. The binoculars were the toughest sell because we were selling them to people that already bought a pair. I would call them up, they would admit that despite paying $70 for them, they'd never used them. I would convince them that it was merely because they couldn't share their birdwatching/sailing/stalking hobby with anyone, and if they had another pair, they could spend quality time sharing their hobby with their grandkids/husband/accomplice. I was the sales leader and I will go to hell for it, I know.
I got engaged to Paul, then un-engaged and began the on/off relationship with Jadon that would span three years. I discovered mixing anti-depressants with Southern Comfort.
I lived with Jeanette and had all sorts of adventures, drunken and otherwise, but mostly drunken.
I met (and liquored up and seduced, all in one afternoon, I think) John, who is still one of the dearest people in my life.
I finished out the year in Albuquerque, New Mexico, watching the snow fall.

1 year ago: I moved into the Postage Stamp apartment with four pets, and have established an average of adding over 1.125 pets a month since then. According to my blog - I was obsessed with planning my future lair, shocked at my mother's choice of second husband, and I posted photos of ghetto proms, something that has brought me the second most googles searches I've gotten. (First being "Third Cat Rule.")

Yesterday: David and I went to BevMo and he discovered that I really wasn't kidding when I said I pick out beer based on the label. "The best way to sell me a beer is to put a picture of an animal on the bottle. Oh! Or a flying canoe! Lets get this one!"

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Fruit
2. Animal crackers
3. Leftover chicken
4. Pretzels
5. Carrot or celery sticks

5 songs I know the words to:
1. One More Day - Diamond Rio
2. Southern Cross - Crosby Stills & Nash
3. I'd Be Good For You - Madonna from 'Evita'.
4. Candela - Chayanne
5. Moon River - Audrey Hepburn

5 things I'd do with £100 million:
1. Buy a house
2. Start a charitable foundation
3. Host a free blogger convention at my new house.
4. Travel around the world, slowly.
5. Silently fund the startup for all my friends dream businesses.

5 places I'd run away to:
I prolly shouldn't say. It's not running away if everyone knows where you are.

5 things I'd never wear:
Never say never.

5 biggest joys:
1. My own blog. Is that sad?
2. Coco and Lou.
3. Coffee
4. David
5. Sheesh, I only get five? Ok, well then #5 is just all the lovely people in my life.

5 favourite toys:
1. Legos
2. Bubbles
3. Stuffed animals
4. Playdough
5. Coloring books

What is cool at my place: Everything.

I tag the following people:
Miss Kendra
Crass Personality


Blogger Annabanana said...

I love your blog-- and until I get a wonderful new job-- it will be the highlight of my day.

Your honestly is wonderful... Almost as beautiful as a quiet morning walking through the Gaslamp district...

Blogger Prudence said...

I will have to do this later...work is swamping me today.

I get overly excited about these types of things. Keep watching...mine should be up in the next day or so...

Blogger Colleen said...

Like Prudence, I need to think, and contemplate.
I think I did this one before, but copped out on some answers.
Wow...looks like you got yourself a new dedicated reader too ;)
Am I the only one that has issues trying to make out the letters for the word verification?

Blogger Clairey said...

hee hee, i'm a sophomore in high school. i wish i had a teddybear backpack!

Blogger Clairey said...

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