Monday, August 15, 2005
So Then ..........
So then I said - "How and why is my cat wearing an eyepatch???"

So then Ike said - "Can anyone tell me why there is a llama behind me?"

So then Keane said - "Can we make crossing the street a little less bitchtastic?"

So then I said - "Never be the coolest person you know."

So then Ike said - "I like this plan, but it needs extra ninjas."

So then I said - "In another minute I'm going crazy, or dancing. Which might be the same thing."

So then Ike said - "You're not moody. You're just tired and it's hot and you have issues."

So then I said - "What should I wear tonight? I did all the obligatory shaving, so we have options."

So then Ike said - "And thats when it occurred to me that I had to sabotage this, in a good way."

So then I said - "I think someone is coming into my apartment every night and taking the screws out of my dining room chairs."


Blogger Michael Tyas said...

I can't wait for us to have another actual conversation.

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