Thursday, August 25, 2005
So in addition to all the deli's I have at my beck and call, there is a man, Jack, that comes around this neighborhood every day with no set menu, but every day there are different choices, and he rattles them off from a little card his chef prints out, options like mandarin wraps and thai chicken salads and southwest wraps, etc. Lunchbox Gourmet, if you are in the area and interested.

And if you're nice to him, he has more.
His chef, Sergio, makes a few select meals that he considers too exotic and good for the comman undiscerning hoards, and Jack stashs them for the people he considers good enough.

Today I dine on a tomato tortilla wrap with chicken and grapes and walnuts and celery and lettuce and a light cream sauce.

And I extend my pinkie, because now I belong to Sergio's elite eaters.


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