Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Reason Number 8,116,752 That I Should Carry A Camera
Even though I love my job madly, there are days when I'd rather be at home, soaking endlessly in my bathtub, reading magazines and sipping sangria.
I was thinking that this morning on my way to work, as I sat at a stoplight behind a big truck, and watched all the commuters sipping coffee and rushing to someplace they'd rather not be, and it was quite depressing.

Then I noticed that the neck of a bass was sticking out the drivers window of the big truck in front of me, and in his rear-view mirror I could see his hand on it, playing leisurely.

After a few moments the light changed and he hurridly put it aside, and I waited patiently. No, of course I didn't honk at him to hurry. He's my new hero.


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