Monday, August 15, 2005
Knowing My Key Demographic
"My Catfish Friend" Oh! Great poem, one of my all time faves. Read it here.

gleek tongue girlfriend - It's not often I'm faced with a sexual reference I don't understand, but ............

meth ice smokers blog - I am exactly the 100th site on this search. I'm aiming for 50th by the end of the year.

sex/humour+sexy underwear in a car - Go, have a good time, and don't tell me about it.

i have a yeast infection under my breast and it's weeping yellow stuff - I would be much more grossed out if I wasn't so hung up on trying to figure out how the hell that's possible. Under the breast?

"jeremiah was a bullfrog he was a good friend of mine" - Thats funny, because he's a good friend of MINE, and he never mentioned you.

fat maid hobby lobby - *munches animal crackers and can't think of any response to this*

"why penguins don't live very long"
There's your answer.

Hallmark greetings for someone who passed away - I would think the trick wouldn't be so much finding the right card, as finding the right deliverly service. "We deliver to the dead in two days or less."


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