Friday, August 26, 2005
How Much Do I Love My Fans?
I've gotten more than the average trickle of overly-kind "I read your blog and like it" sort of emails lately.

Which seems odd to me because I think my blog has been crap lately.
But then, I ALWAYS think it's crap lately.

Not that that has EVER stopped me from promoting it to the four winds, until at parties my friends say things like, "Yeah, you BLOG. We get it. We understand that you're going to write about this. No, I will not repeat myself now that you have a pencil in hand. Yes, I HAVE the blog address. Yes, I've checked it out. Once, why do you ask? What? I said it was cool, I'll go back and read it again, alright, alright. Sheesh."

And even though I once mocked Ike for handing out business cards with his blog address on them, the sad truth was that I was just jealous my order hadn't arrived yet.

Yeah, I talk about my blog at parties.
I'm that much of a dork.

But then you people send me such sweet encouraging emails, that make me think that maybe I'm doing a good job of plastering my soul up to be read, that my emotional streaking is actually appreciated. You guys compliment me on the things I secretly long to be complimented on and for that I will love you forever.

I try to respond to each and every one, and I try to be witty and appreciative and not disappoint and not be snotty and to say that I love you too in a way that doesn't sound trite, and it's a challenage, and if I missed you, I'm so sorry, I just never expected to get the love I always craved and I'm not always sure how to respond.

I suspect you all of being the nicest, most perceptive, smartest people on the face of the planet. My vanity leads me to believe that you are all either saints or Nobel Peace Prize winners or book critics for the NY Times. And I know you are the sort that sends out kind, encouraging emails, which automatically makes you a hero, and the world needs more of you.

I think today I will print out each and every one of them, (What? You didn't think I would DELETE a single, solitary one of them, do you?!?!) and I'm going to throw them on my bed and roll around naked on them.

Madly in love with her fans, singularly and collectively,
Valancy Jane


Blogger Prudence said...

You're so sweet! I love reading your blog because I can relate to it. We are SO much alike!

I'm not a saint, Nobel Peace Prize Winner...just someone who enjoys your musings about life.

Enough said.

Blogger karen said...

awww...that's really sweet..i know although im like a year late to say it or comment on this. anyway cool blog.

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