Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Dream Come True
Natasha (left) and Laszlo (right)
There is a great little petshop where I buy all my bird supplies and get all sorts of useful advice from, just down the way from my apartment.The owner has an open top cage of bunnies in her shop, where you can reach in and pet them and pick them up, the friendliest little bunnies you can imagine.One warm afternoon they were all napping, a big fluffy smushy pile of bunny butts and snuffly whiskered noses and I wanted more than anything to be a bunny for half an hour so I could join them and snuggle in.The other night, JR let me hang out with his bunnies, Natasha and Laszlo, on his bed for a while and I got to be in the middle of bunny butts and snuffly noses and sniffly sniffs and hops and velvet fur and it was as nice as I imagined.

Laszlo and I

Telling Natasha secrets


Blogger crasspersonality said...

I'm allergic to rabbits, but I always wanted one. Their ears are so soft and pettable.

Blogger beaky said...

Do you think anyone will notice if I steal the other bunnies from the shop? I really want one. I know that after I get a dog I'm going to have a rabbit, a very fluffly, cute rabbit. And probably a cat and some fish and maybe a bird too. And possibly a hamster. Or a guinea pig. Hmmm I can't imagine what my house will be like when I'm older.... it'll sound like a zoo. Especially with me in it. Oooh! And if I'm rich enough I could get a horse!! Ooh ooh!! Yay!

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