Friday, December 08, 2006
I'm supportive like that.
Blond Coworker - "Dang it. The execs' meeting is running long, and I have to get in there to set up for the next meeting."

Receptionist - "You could pop your head in and let 'em know that."

Blond Coworker - "[Exec who shall Remain Nameless for the Protection of the Innocent, i.e. Me] will tear my head off if I interrupt him."

Receptionist - "I've got your back."

Blond Coworker - "Really?"

Receptionist - "Yeah sure. You know, from behind you. Waaaaay behind you. Like, from here. Behind my desk."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if ever there was a fight, I could totally count on you to 'fight' with me like they did in West Side Story.

Blogger Sarah Smile said...

I would ACTUALLY have YOUR back, Colsy. You and Blondie are very different people.

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