Thursday, September 01, 2005
Nice Compliments
A year ago I posted some of the nicer compliments (for some reason my computer doesn't want to let me link to it, but if you go to my archives on the sidebar and look up Aug. 2004, it's like the second post) I'd recieved in my life. Of course, this was before fan mail and comments, some of the nicest of which are here, but David in particular seems to be throwing out the nicest flattery imaginable.

David said that I'm most beautiful when I'm honest.

David said that the pretty people around me get prettier when they're around me because they're around me.

And even now, me, patron blogger of the creative compliment, I ......................
........... I got nothing to say to that.

Not even now, with a post window open, which is where I'm at my most articulate.

I'm still doing what I did at the time when he said those things.

Grinning so big my face just about splits in half.


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