Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Knowing My Key Demographic
Some actual searches that have led people here-

"he was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word" - That's ok. I don't think half my friends know what the hell I'm saying half the time either.

cocktail recipt - Trying to figure out at exactly what drink the whole evening tanked?

dr epiffany university california - I imagine he gets a lot of grant money.

tenn meth watch - Yeah, lets keep bringing up meth. I like ranking high (pun o' meter score?) on these searches, and frustrating the people searching for meth recipes

exes anonymous 12 step t-shirt - Because wearing your disfunction, thats hot.

"Doug Hubbard" - *thinks hard* I honestly have no idea how you ended up here.

lemon tea alisabeth - Ok, I know I said I had every kind of tea, but if they make tea out of people now, I'm going to have to give up that title.

noisy neighbor greeting card - Wow. That's got to be the politest or most annoying thing imaginable.

photos of la bufadora, mexico - Oh, good idea. Lets all look at some photos of the town I could happily live in.


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